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BOSELON® is The World's First Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Film
BOSELON is VCI film which is used widely in a Japanese car maker, an steel maker, a metal processing company. Succeeded in development of a powerful prevention of rust film by special processing technique of polyethylene and fusion of prevention of rust technology.
    What is BOSELON® VCI film?
AICELLO CORPORATION introduced BOSELON® to the industry as the world's first Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film in 1968.
The product was created based on a concept of protecting corrosion susceptive auto parts under different shipping conditions. This was the key vision of the future in globalization of auto manufacturing.
After collaboration with a major Japanese auto manufacture, Aicello successfully developed BOSELON®.
Over 35 years have passed and Aicello has evolved to become an industry leader by providing high performance VCI products to meet the dynamic industry requirements. BOSELON® has gained unparalleled reputation from users who have achieved rust-free storage / shipping; ultimately BOSELON® became synonymous with VCI.

    Characteristic of BOSELON®
  1. Two-layer film structure consisting of two different VCI corrosion inhibitors allowing BOSELON® to release corrosion inhibiting vapors rapidly yet effect is long lasting.
  2. BOSELON® is designed to react to the presence of electrolyte in the packaged atmosphere with capabilities to maximize its effect when severe climate change occurs.
  3. BOSELON® is produced using carefully selected resin coupled with Aicello's advanced polyethylene extrusion technology.
  4. BOSELON® is heat-sealable and also can be processed through automated packaging machines.
  5. Significant reduction or elimination of VCI oil can be accomplished .
  6. BOSELON® is recyclable and does not create any hazardous fume when incinerated

    Another reasons to choose BOSELON®
  1. Strict quality control is continuously exercised throughout global manufacturing locations.
  2. Recycling program dedicated to BOSELON products is in place at two countries (Japan & Thailand).
  3. Certified VCI engineer is available to provide consultation.
  4. BOSELON® is approved for its safety by German Military following an evaluation by third party laboratory.
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